Mercury Products
Mercury is an electronics company dealing with various products including UPSs and inverters. In Kenya where power outages, dim lights and unexpected power fluctuations are the norm, not having either a UPS or inverter to supplement Kenya Power is highly risky since the possibility of suffering loss to your electronics and other home equipment is extremely high.
A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a battery backup that will provide power, when Kenya Power fails to deliver or when the voltage delivered is too low for your devices to function properly without risk of getting fried. The UPS will also give you some time when the power goes off, to save your important work on the computer before it shuts down.
Mercury and their reliable and high quality UPSs will enable this seamlessly with some models like the Mercury Elite 1000 Pro being rated at 1,000 VA. Visit us at Compland Shop located at Bihi Towers, along Moi Avenue, Basement 1, Shop no. B3 for a full breakdown of various Mercury UPSs at all price points from budget options to industrial grade. We also deliver genuine Mercury products to Kisumu, Mombasa, Nakuru and other major towns in Kenya.
Power inverters from Mercury on the other hand will suit those who are looking for alternative source of power that will last for a longer period of time compared to UPSs when your primary source of power goes off. Inverters work by converting Direct Current to Alternating Current, this basically means that you can have solar power supplementing Kenya Power in your household without running the risk of the Direct Current from the Solar Power conflicting with the conventional Alternative Current from Kenya Power. Mercury inverters will handle this effortlessly, if you are unsure of setting it up, professionals from Compland Shop will assist you step by step until you have everything set up and running smoothly in your home.

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