Label printers and ID printers for sale in Nairobi Kenya
Label printers for sale
Label printers are printers that has the ability to print on material or print on cards. Most of the label printers have an inbuilt keyboard and a display screen for one to see what they typed before they key them in for printing. Label printers are further categorized into handheld label printers which are standalone label printers and uses tapes to print the labels.
At Compland online shop we specialize in quality label printers like the Casio label printers that use tape cartridge which is from 6mm to 24mm wide. The width of the tape cartridge is usually guided by the length of the message to be typed. Compland shop is a dealer in Brother label printers, Casio label printers and Epson label printers. While choosing a label printer, it is ideal you choose one according to the use of the label printer. In case you need many labels you can buy a label printer that you integrate with your laptop or desktop for fast use. Shop your label printers at affordable prices from the leading label printer shop in Nairobi Kenya.
ID card printers are electronic printers that have the ability to print plastic cards using the single card feeders’ technology. ID card printers are often confused for label printers but they are different in that ID card printers have single card feeder technology whereas label printers have a continuous feeder technology.
Compland shop is an id card printer dealer based in Nairobi offering best prices for quality printers. We specialize in datacard printers both color and monochrome datacard printers. Datacard id printers are also categorized into the number of sides a printer can print. We have both single sided id printers and duplex printers. These ID card printers are great for use in universities, colleges, schools, banks or in any organization that deals with a unique identification of people.
Compland shop is also a dealer in Fargo card printers and Evolis card printers. Our online catalog is not exhaustive so feel free to call in case of more enquires. We deliver products in Mombasa, Kilifi, Lamu, Kakamega, Kisumu, Migori, Nyeri, Meru, Embu within 24hrs.

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