LaserJet printers use static electricity as the main phenomenon which occurs to get images and texts on a page. It’s cleverly able to manipulate the static electricity in attaching toner to a sheet of paper where the toner is usually powdered ink which is more like grain than regular ink.
For large printing in the office or at home, one should consider using an HP LaserJet printer as they can print faster for black and white printing. For large scale colored printing one should not consider LaserJet and instead should opt for an inkjet printer instead.
Some of the main advantages of LaserJet printers are; economy, precision and speed. Price may at times be high but the cost of maintenance is quite cheap as they use toner powder that lasts long and are cheaper compared to the inks that at the time of usage might spill.
The best uses for LaserJet printers would be Printing high volumes of black and white documents in an office setup or home use. The major classification of LaserJet printers you could find in Nairobi Kenya is always on the functionality and connectivity. On functionality, it’s majorly on print, copy, scan, fax. Printing is broken down into either printing both side automatically (duplex), printing black and white only (monochrome), colored and the print speed.
The scan either has an ADF (automatic document feed) or it’s just the scanner glass, scan speed in terms of the number of pages it can print per minute. Copy is on the speed, automatic copying on both sides.
HP LaserJet printers in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa Kenya have a suffix that denotes the functionality. It Could either have fdn, fdw, dn, dw, fn, n. F stands for Fax, d-duplex, n-network, w-wireless. For example, HP LaserJet Pro MFP M479FDW means the printer is a multi-functional printer (MFP), does fax, duplex and its wireless. HP LaserJet pro m203dw- printer does duplex printing and its wireless.
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