Hisense Televisions in Kenya
Hisense, a Chinese manufacturer has started solidifying its market hold in the Kenyan electronics industry with solid, good quality televisions ranging from the budget ones like the 32 inch smart Andrioid TV, model no. 32A6KEN to high end, top of the line models like the 65 inch Hisense UHD 4K TV with Android (Model no. 65A7200F). They have covered every market segment; therefore, you are guaranteed to find a TV that will suit your budget.
Whether you are in search of a digital TV or a Smart one, Hisense has it all covered. Digital TVs will primarily be found at an entry level price with their size restricted to 32, 40 and 43 inches while TVs larger than 43 inches will most of the time always have Smart capabilities.
When in the hunt for a bargain TV, you can always buy a digital TV at a lower price point, then when down the line when you get some extra coins, you can then invest on a streaming stick like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast or the Roku Express which when hooked to your TV, will transform it into a Smart TV, all these at an affordable cost. You can buy the streaming sticks from our website here or visit our physical shop at Bihi Towers, along Moi Avenue, Basement 1, shop no. B3.
On the other hand, when looking for large TVs for the ultimate viewing experience and great immersion, Hisense has a few models worth looking into. With sizes as large as 65 and 75 inches, even the largest living rooms will be suitably covered without opting for prohibitively expensive options like 4K projectors.
Once you have made your purchase, we will deliver your TV to where you reside at a very low cost (free within the CBD). We deliver to all the major towns in Kenya and East Africa.

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