IT Solutions and Services

Structured Cabling & Hardware Installation

We Design, build, deploy and maintain an effective network infrastructure, best suited to your business’s needs.
We help design, install and maintain cabling infrastructures of all standards and technologies.
Our knowledge and expertise in enterprise needs and requirements helps us deliver successful projects even in the most challenging and critical situations.

CCTV Installation
Today’s homes and businesses face unprecedented security threats. CCTVs go a long way in not only deterring but also providing evidence of such events.

Fire and Alarm System Installation

Fires and theft can be very devastating. We design, install and commission fire and alarm systems to detect and prevent huge losses.
We install:
Detection Systems
A system of sensors and associated interconnected equipment which detects the equipment which detects the presence of fire and provides a warning signal.
A properly selected and installed detector can be a highly reliable fire sensor. We provide a full range of fire detection systems.
Smoke Detectors:– Aspirating, – Ionization, – Optical beam,- Optical smoke
Flame Detectors:– Infra-red, – Ultra-violet,- IR/UV
Thermal (Heat) Detectors:– Fixed temperature,- Rate of rise

Access Control
Access control is any mechanism or system that manages access through the authorization or revocation of rights to physical or logical assets within an organization. Access control is a security technique that can be used to regulate who can gain access or use resources in a secure environment or building. Physical access control limits access to buildings, rooms or physical assets. Logical access limits connections to computer networks, system files and data.

Time and Attendance

Track employee time, attendance, and activity more efficiently with an automated solution that helps you optimize your workforce while gathering data to control costs, minimize compliance risk, and increase productivity. Get a clear view into your people’s time worked, while saving money and helping to improve compliance

System Maintenance and Upgrades
Maintenance ensures that all the organisational systems run smoothly and optimally increasing efficiency and productivity of the users. From Printers, PCs, servers, copiers etc.

Data Recovery and Backup Solutions
Data is very critical and highly safeguarded in any organisation. Our team of professional and trained experts ensure 100% data recovery. We have affordable cloud backup solutions.

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