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Sollatek AVS3P-0 3 phase

Sollatek AVS3P-0 3 phase

Product Description

Over & Under Voltage Protection
  • Protection against (on any or all phases):
    • High voltage
    • Low voltage
    • Spikes/surges
    • Powerback surges
    • Loss or duplication of any phase
  • Ideal for:
    • 3 phase air conditioning
    • Industrial refrigeration
    • Industrial plants and machinery
  • Max power: Controls an external 3 phase controller or contractor of any size
  • Wait time: User adjustment from 10 secs to 10 mins


Protects from over voltage and under voltage on any one of the three phases as well as loss of one or more phases. Indication and/or disconnection as a result of mains frequency error or phase sequence error is available as an option.

Unlike the AVS303, the AVS3P-0 is designed to operate an external control circuit or contactor which may be part of a motor starter or other equipment. The AVS3P-0 has a volt-free changeover contact as an output.




Max Power Controls an external 3 phase controller or contactor of any size
Wait Time Adjustable from 10 seconds to 10 minutes
Ideal For 3 phase air conditioning, industrial refrigeration and industrial plants and machinery
Weight 500gm
Dimensions 205 x 132 x 53mm


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