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Neffos N105 830mAh 1.8″ Display Micro USB Phone Feature Phone
Neffos, under TP-Link, which is the best-selling brand for home Wi-Fi devices for the last seven years, added the new Neffos N105 feature phone to its mobile portfolio. Boasting better signal reception, longer standby times, and a louder and clearer loudspeaker, the handset offers the quality and reliability expected from a brand whose parent company continues to provide fast and stable Wi-Fi connections to hundreds of millions of users in over 170 countries.

Communication Guaranteed

Communicating via voice calls or text chats is one of the core functions of mobile phones, and signal quality is the most important factor affecting the user’s calling and texting experience. Neffos is committed to making phones with superior signal quality. The high-performance baseband chip and power amplifier, along with anti-electromagnetic interference EMC technology, are adopted in every handset to make the signal stronger, faster, and more stable. Neffos also conducts a 3D signal test in a world-class Satimo anechoic chamber for its hardware and wireless technologies to make sure they meet the highest standards.

Safe And Secure

Neffos N105 is equipped with a surge-protection device, which can help prevent the risk of damage from a power surge or overvoltage. In addition to superior connectivity and static-discharge and surge protection, the Neffos N105 promises outstanding standby times up to 530 hours. They provide good audio quality from their built-in speakers and offer everyday essentials, such as a torch feature, an FM radio, and dual-SIM functionality with dual standby. With the Neffos N105, owners can still easily get in touch with friends, co-workers, and families even without a smartphone while enjoying the benefits of advanced wireless solutions offered by TP-Link through its sub-brand Neffos.

General Specifications

Feature Phone
Dual Sim
FM Radio
Torch Feature
MP4 Support
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